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Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirement

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) requires Student Visa applicants to be able to demonstrate that they are genuine students. This is known as the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirement.

In general terms, a genuine student is defined as a student who intends to obtain a successful educational outcome in Australia, and has the language, educational and financial background to have a reasonable chance of achieving this education outcome.


The circumstances in your home country.

  1. Is there a similar course available in your home country? Do you have a good reason for not studying in your home country? (particularly if a similar course is already available there)
  2. Do you have strong personal ties to your home country? What is the extent of your personal ties to your home country (eg. family, community and employment)? Are these ties a significant incentive for you to return home once your studies are completed?
  3. Are there economic circumstances in your home country that could affect your wanting to go home at the completion of your studies? Economic circumstances that would prevent you from returning home will be taken into account.
  4. Is there a military service commitment in your home country? If your home country has a commitment to military service, this will be taken to account as this can be a disincentive for you to return home upon completion of our studies.
  5. Is there political and/or civil unrest in your home country? Some student visa applicants apply for a student visa to avoid political and/or civil unrest in their home country. Situations like this will be assessed.

Your potential circumstances in Australia.

  1. Do you have ties with Australia already? Your ties with Australia (eg. family and community ties) will be assessed. Such ties can be assessed as a strong reason for not returning home.
  2. Are you trying to use the Student Visa Programme just to remain in Australia? Any evidence that the Student Visa Programme is being used to circumvent the intentions of the Migration Programme will be assessed.
  3. Are you trying to use a Student visa to extend your stay in Australia? Whether the Student Visa is being used to maintain ongoing residence will be assessed.
  4. Is the secondary applicant a genuine applicant? A primary and secondary applicant may have entered into a relationship in order to come to Australia. The genuineness of the relationship with the secondary applicant will be assessed. If it is found that a Student visa applicant’s dependant is not genuine, the decision maker can rule that neither applicant is genuine.
  5. What do you know about living in Australia? Your knowledge of living in Australia and knowledge of your intended course of study will be assessed. You will also need to know all about the education provider you have chosen and the proposed course of study you want to do. You will need to show what research you have made about your education provider, the proposed course and your study and living arrangements.

Value of the course to your future.

  1. Is your chosen course consistent with your current level of education? Your application will be assessed as to whether or not you are seeking to undertake a course that is consistent with your current level of education. You will also need to know how the course will assist you to obtain employment or improve your employment prospects in your home country. Decision makers will allow for reasonable changes to career or study pathways, but if this is the case, you will have to provide detailed and valid reasons as to why you are seeking to change your career path.
  2. How relevant is the course to your future employment prospects? The relevance of the course to your past or proposed future employment (either in your home country or a third country) will be assessed.
  3. Future remuneration You will need to know what remuneration you can expect to receive in your future employment (in your home country or a third county), compared with Australia, using the qualifications that you will gain from your proposed course of study.

Your previous immigration history.

  1. Have you previously applied for an Australian visa? The decision maker will assess your previous immigration history, in particular whether you are waiting for a visa application to be decided or whether you have previously been granted a visa, or whether you were previously refused a visa. If you have applied for a visa to another country that was refused you should provide details.
  2. Previous travel :
    The decision maker will take into account:
    • whether or not you have previously travelled to Australia and whether or not you complied with the conditions on your visa.
    • whether you previously held a visa that was cancelled
    • the amount of time you have spent in Australia and whether it appears that you may be applying for a new student visa to remain in Australia, in particular, if you are seeking to undertake further short, inexpensive courses.
    • whether you have travelled to other countries and whether you have complied with the immigration laws of that country.

Note: you may be asked to provide additional information or further evidence to support information or documentation you provide.

Note: if the Decision Maker is not satisfied that you genuinely intend a temporary stay in Australia (taking into account your circumstances, immigration history and other relevant matters) your Student Visa application will be refused.

You can access the DIBP Ministerial Direction regarding the GTE requirement here:

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